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Paying for a domain name by check

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Yes, we do accept wire transfers, ACH transfers, USD checks and USD money orders for retail registrations, renewals and other domain add-on services. When sending a payment, please be sure to do the following: Include your login ID (e.g., in the memo field).  Or just print out and include the

Domain Name Registration vs. Website Hosting

Domain Name Registration A domain name is your website address,, for example, is my domain name. You register a domain name through a Registrar. for example.   It's kind of like getting a toll-free 800 number from the phone company.  The 800 number rings to a phone,

Intro to J. Hammock & Associates

J. Hammock & Associates is an Internet marketing company.  We offer the following services: Domain Name Registration Website Hosting Website Development Education

Domain Names, a Corporate Asset

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Keep your domain name safe in your own account. It's very important that your domain name be in an account in your name, with your current contact info, and with your updated credit card info. Here's why. All too many domains are registered by a Webmaster on behalf