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Think Backwards

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Social Media Marketing Tools


  •  Finds related hashtags and allows you to drill down to find new hashtags.
  •  Shows what is being shared.


  • Viral Video Chart, by Unruly


  • Google Global Market Finder
  • Google keyword


Review Sites

  •   Helps you claim your listings.
  • Yext Business Scan


  •  Finds most influential people for a particular topic.
  •  Researches people’s social presence within Gmail.




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QR Codes

QR code services, tools and utilities by

The above link will take you to a site where you can create QR codes with images in the center.

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Excellent Websites

These website do two things well:

  1. They tell you in 2 seconds or less what they sell, what need they fill, and why you should say on the site.
  2. They tell you what they want you to do next.

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Google Keyword Planner (was Google Keyword Tool)

All else equal, it’s better to have your keywords or keyphrases (the words people type into Google to find what you’re selling) in your domain name.  To find out what people are searching for, don’t make any assumptions, but rather use the free Google Keyword Tool.  Here’s how: […]

Online Video and Animation Creation Websites

You’ve probably been wowed by some sites that have storytelling animations on their homepage.  It’s a great way to captivate your viewers and tell your story far more effectively than with a plain, static page.  Here are some sites that enable you to create animations: […]

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Royalty Free Music for Video Production

If you use music for which you don’t own the rights as the soundtrack for a video, you’re likely to get flagged as a copyright violator.  YouTube is particularly nasty about this.  Facebook also will threaten to shut down your account if if happens too often.

The following are three sites that come highly recommended by a friend in the music/advertising business.   These stock music libraries allow you to preview royalty free music for download.  […]

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What it Takes To Rank Well on Google

Google Logo

Let’s pretend you have a hardware store in Hood River, Oregon.  Here’s what you need to do to rank well on Google.  […]

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Mail Lists and Forums Using Google Groups

Google Groups can be used both as a mail list and an online forum or bulletin board.  […]

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