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Glock Acronyms

ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol

AIWB – Appendix carry Inside the Waist Band

BBWC – Bevel-Base WadCutter

BG – Bad Guy

BT – Boat-Tailed

BTF – Brass To Face

BUG – Back Up Gun

CB – Cast Bullet

CQC – Close Quarters Combat

CQB – Close Quarters Battle

CCW – Concealed Carry Weapon

CLP – Cleaner Lubricant Preservative/Protectant

DA – Double Action

DAO – Double Action Only

DEWC – Double Ended WadCutter

EDC – Every Day Carry

FDE – Flat Dark Earth

FF – friendly fire

FMJ – full metal jacket

FMJ – Full Metal Jacket

FMJ- Full Metal Jacket

FP – Flat Point

FTE-failure to eject

FTF – failure to feed/failure to fire

FTRB – Failure to return to battery

GFZ-Gun Free Zone

GG – Good guy or good game

HBWC – Hollow-Base WadCutter

HCM – High Capacity Magazine

HD – Home Defense

HP – hollow point

HP – Hollow Point

ITC – In the chamber

IWB – Inside waist band

JHP – jacketed hollow point

JHP – Jacketed Hollow Point

JSP – Jacketed Soft Point

KYPD – keep your powder dry

LCI -Loaded Chamber Indicator (extractor)

LEO- Law Enforcement Officer

LGS – Local Gun Shop

LHP – Lead Hollow Point

LOS – line of sight

LRN – Lead – Round Nose

LSWC – Lead Semi-WadCutter

MC – Metal Cased

MRWC – Mid-Range WadCutter

NS – night sights

OD – Olive Drab

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturer

OWB – Outside waist band

PB* – Lead Bullet

PDW – Personal Defense Weapon

PSP – Pointed Soft Point or Plated Soft Point

RN – round nose

RNL – Round Nosed Lead

RSA -recoil spring assembly

S as in 30S – Slim

SA – single action

SF as in 30SF – Short Frame

SJHP – semi-jacketed hollow point

SJHP – Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point

SJSP – Semi-Jacketed Soft Point

SP – Soft Point or Spire Point

SPTZ – Spitzer

SWC – Semi-WadCutter

TC – Truncated Cone

TMJ – like _Totally_ Metal Jacketed – dude

VLD – Very Low Drag

WC – WadCutter

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Cheesecake Recipe

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Turkey Vacation

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Nutcracker 2012

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Happy Holidays

5×7 Folded Card
View the entire collection of cards.
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Mr, Chumphel, Dhekushoe — The Devil Gambler: A Story of Old Tibet

Mr, Chumphel, Dhekushoe — The Devil Gambler: A Story of Old Tibet

NOSTALGIA: [Mod L. <Gr. nostos, a return + ALGIA] 1. a longing to go back to one’s home, home town, or homeland; homesickness 2. a longing for something far away or long ago or for former happy circumstances. (Webster’s New World Dictionary)

Societies usually evolve gradually, slowly responding to political, economic, and cultural influences. In the twentieth century, however, rapid technological progress has sometimes drastically speeded up this process. Thus in the increasingly urban and technological United States of the second half of this century, people have found themselves yearning for simpler times, or at least what they imagine as simpler times, in a country formerly of open spaces, exciting and adventurous. We North Americans have solidly enshrined our vanished past as the ‘Old West,’ America’s unique cocktail of history and myth. It’s been epitomized best, perhaps, in the words from the American country tune: “Don’t fence me in.”

This ‘golden age’ developed depth and color directly as nomadic Indians and hardy pioneers yielded to fast automobiles and paved interstates. I cannot speak with any certainty for the children of the 1980’s, but as a child of the 1950’s, I grew up with and thrived on images of the wild west.

So it was with much the same pleasure I’ve taken all my life in Hollywood Westerns, that I listened to Sonam Ngodup, a Tibetan refugee in northern India, tell me the story of his father, Dhekushoe, the famous (or according to some, infamous) ‘devil gambler’ of Tibet. As I listened to him, images flooded my mind of Doc Holiday, of Mississippi riverboat gamblers, of men and women who didn’t like rules and who didn’t like fences. […]

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Dance Videos

A collection of dance videos.

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Time around the world

Locations of business interests for J. Hammock & Associates, LLC  […]

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