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By |July 29th, 2015|

To help Dominique understand that…

  • You can be as happy as you want.
  • We are all responsible for our own happiness.  No one can take your happiness away from you.
  • Pain and Unhappiness (Suffering) are not the same thing.  Pain can be inflicted upon you by others.  But unhappiness comes from within.
  • While we can not avoid […]


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grilled cheese sandwich


Weather Map

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Rowan Atkinson

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Health Insurance Cards

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Gun Safety

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Glock Acronyms

By |August 29th, 2013|

ACP – Automatic Colt Pistol

AIWB – Appendix carry Inside the Waist Band

BBWC – Bevel-Base WadCutter

BG – Bad Guy

BT – Boat-Tailed

BTF – Brass To Face

BUG – Back Up Gun

CB – Cast Bullet

CQC – Close Quarters Combat

CQB – Close Quarters Battle

CCW – Concealed Carry Weapon

CLP – Cleaner Lubricant Preservative/Protectant

DA – Double Action

DAO […]

Cheesecake Recipe

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Turkey Vacation

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