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Free Malware Scans

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If you think you're computer has been hacked by a virus, it's time to run a series of virus scans.  First, run a scan using whatever Internet security software you currently have installed.  (You do have security software installed and updated, right?)  Then run at least a handful of the

Free Virus Scan Downloads from Reputable Companies

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If you get infected, it's a good idea to run multiple scans using different utilities.  No one utility will find all infections.

Domain Names, a Corporate Asset

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Keep your domain name safe in your own account. It's very important that your domain name be in an account in your name, with your current contact info, and with your updated credit card info. Here's why. All too many domains are registered by a Webmaster on behalf

Mailbox has exceeded its storage limit scam

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This is a very common phishing scam.  If you  re-validate your mailbox according to their instructions, they will use your mail server to blast out millions of spam.  Until your hosting/email account gets blacklisted and shut down.   Subject:  Email Alert Your mailbox has exceeded it storage limit please reduce