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This page can be found by searching for:  webinar, joinme,,

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Social Media Marketing Tools


  •  Finds related hashtags and allows you to drill down to find new hashtags.
  •  Shows what is being shared.


  • Viral Video Chart, by Unruly


  • Google Global Market Finder
  • Google keyword


Review Sites

  •   Helps you claim your listings.
  • Yext Business Scan


  •  Finds most influential people for a particular topic.
  •  Researches people’s social presence within Gmail.




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Send Big Files

The password is sendthisfile-password
The password is sendthisfile-password

Powered by: SendThisFile

The password is sendthisfile-password

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How to put a slider on your homepage

How did I do my slider (slideshow) on my homepage?  This is how: […]

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WordPress Video Tutorials

A collection of WordPress YouTube Video Tutorials […]

Excellent Websites

These website do two things well:

  1. They tell you in 2 seconds or less what they sell, what need they fill, and why you should say on the site.
  2. They tell you what they want you to do next.

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Lorem ipsum

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Duis eget libero diam, vitae consequat sem. Suspendisse ullamcorper elit a mi dapibus et lobortis ligula fringilla. Aliquam facilisis, arcu ut volutpat sagittis, risus purus tincidunt felis, sed cursus leo ipsum eu lectus. […]

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Converting a website to WordPress

To convert a website to WordPress, open up the old site and the new WordPress site.  Content will either go on Posts or Pages.  (see article on the difference between Posts and Pages)

When you paste into the Post or Page, you may need to use the “Paste as Text” or “Paste as Word” buttons on the WYSIWYG editor toolbar.

Paste as text or Word […]

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Google Keyword Planner (was Google Keyword Tool)

All else equal, it’s better to have your keywords or keyphrases (the words people type into Google to find what you’re selling) in your domain name.  To find out what people are searching for, don’t make any assumptions, but rather use the free Google Keyword Tool.  Here’s how: […]