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Installing and Using TeamViewer

Download TeamViewer Visit and download TeamViewer Install TeamViewer Be sure to do the basic installation for personal use. Using TeamViewer Launch TeamViewer and then be prepared to tell me Your ID and Password so we can connect.  

Website Maintenance

I've run across a few too many sites lately that have gotten hacked and will be expensive to fix or are broken beyond repair.  Restoring backups can remedy this, but if the probalem is not caught in time, backups don't help.  Sites get hacked primarily because of WordPress

Keyword Research

"Everything flows from what people search for in the search engine." Let me repeat that again, "Everything flows from what people search for in the search engine." It's not about what you're selling, be it a service or product.  It's about what people need.  The more you focus on

Social Media Marketing Tools

Twitter  Finds related hashtags and allows you to drill down to find new hashtags.  Shows what is being shared. YouTube Viral Video Chart, by Unruly Keywords Google Global Market Finder Google keyword Blogs  Blog search engine Google Blog search Portent Title Maker Review Sites   Helps you

Send Big Files

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Please use this page to send files that are too big to email.  Alternatively, you can upload files to or Google Drive or one of the many other file sharing sites out there. If a form doesn't appear below, please use this link.   The password is  Secured