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PCC Monday class questions from second class

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  • PCC Monday class questions from second class


    November 6, 2016

    Q: Could you explain the role of plug-ins more:
    • What are the essential minimum plug-ins a decent website should have?
    • What to do when you start getting promotional announcements from the plug-in every week?

    Q: Should we spend the $62 on the website in the class, if the website in the class is a “practice” site and not the final “real” site that will come later?

    Q: Is J. Hammock associates now the official domain-keeper of my website? Is that the same as GoDaddy? If not, what to do? If yes, do you provide follow-up support services, troubleshoot by phone or e-mail?

    Q: What if website crashes, gets hacked, info pilfered, etc. How to prevent, stop, correct, reset, etc.

    Q: What is the role of Facebook, Twitter, etc., in cross-promoting a website?