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Domain Name Registration vs. Website Hosting

By | 2017-04-05T03:44:43+00:00 October 9th, 2014|Domain Name Registration, Hosting|

Domain Name Registration A domain name is your website address,, for example, is my domain name. You register a domain name through a Registrar. for example.   It's kind of like getting a toll-free 800 number from the phone company.  The 800 number rings to a phone, [...], micro-loans that change lives

By | 2017-04-05T03:45:18+00:00 June 19th, 2012|Hosting| is offering free $25 trials  Kiva coordinates micro-loans to small business entrepreneurs around the world.  Your loan helps these businesses grow.  You can relend over and over again, taking one modest amount of money and putting it to good use many times.   Every hosting account with gets a [...]

FTP How to upload and download files

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FTP, or File Transfer Protocol, is the process of connecting to your web site to upload or download files.  If you don’t have FTP software, I recommend FileZilla which you can download for free from Here are the settings you’ll need […]