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House on Snowden Road

1099 Snowden Road – Click to see full size.


  1. Cross Hood River Bridge.
  2. Turn left onto WA-14 W.  Drive 0.2 miles.
  3. Take the first right onto Dock Grade Road.
  4. When that comes to a T intersection, turn left onto E. Jewett Blvd.
  5. At the clocktower/glockenspiel, turn right onto N. Main Ave.
  6. After one mile, there’s a fork in the road. Bear right leaving the 24/7 Gym to your left.
  7. Snowden Road curves off to the right within 500 feet.  Going straight takes you off Snowden Road.
  8. Drive 10.99 miles to 1099 Snowden Road.

Snowden Road is windy.  There are at least two places where there is a fork in the road.  At each of these forks, Snowden is the fork that follows the curve in the road, and continuing straight takes you off Snowden Road.  Remember that oncoming traffic on Snowden Road will not have a stop sign.  If you turn onto a road at which there is a stop sign for oncoming traffic, you are leaving Snowden Road.