Logging in to Your Registrar Account

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Logging in to Your Registrar Account

Login to your Registrar Account at


  • You’ll need your account name (Login ID) to login.  That’s right in the email you received about renewing your domain name.  If you can’t find that email, contact us and we will send you your account name (Login ID.) 

  • You can login at www.hammock-registration.com.  If you need to reset your password, go to  https://1000487.secureresellerservices.com/my-account/forgot-password.aspx.  

  • Once you’re logged in, make sure the email on file is a permanent email address for you.  Also, check that your credit card is up to date and that all domain names are set to auto-renew if you wish.  

I'd pass on the ID Protect

…unless you’re in a witness protection program or otherwise have a reason you don’t want people to know your address and other contact info.  

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