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Here was my email to you.  The image numbers may not help anymore.  I tried putting comments on the photos.


Okay, here goes…

The images ending in 698, 699, 700, 701 are the trees surrounding the hay storage you can see.  Someone’s building me a pole barn and needs 23′ clearance on those trees to the right and the one in the middle so he can drive in and work on the pole barn.
Starting with 702, I’m trying to show the dead tree.  In 702 and 703, it’s the one right in the middle leaning to the left.  
In 704 and 705, I’m up close to that tree.
And in 706 I’m on the other side of the free, so it’s again the one leaning to the right now.  
In 698, you’ll see where the pole barn will go… right where the yellow wheel barrow is, more or less.  
I don’t know if it helps, but here’s a link to the tree in Google Maps:  I took the first shots from the driveway.  You’ll see where the utility right of way runs along near the front property line.
Holler if you need any more info.
509-493-2296 or
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