Scott See

Scott See

I need help updating websites.  I don’t have any big projects right how, but I have TONS of small updates that need to be done.  There will be big projects–building websites from scratch and converting sites to WordPress–but for now, I mostly need help with updates.

I use Basecamp to track projects and tasks.

Biggest Need

  • Website updates
    • WordPress
    • Foundation 4
  • Using CSS to modify templates
  • Basic Photoshop skills

Examples of Tasks

Adding a slider or slideshow to a page in WordPress or in a site built with Dreamweaver
Take an existing page (WordPress or Dreamweaver) and clone it and modify the second page.
Crop, resample, color adjust, and sharpen images in Photoshop.  Then add to site.
Create child theme for CSS updates that won’t get deleted with theme updates.

If you’re interested, please contact me at or 509-493-2296

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