Website Sales Process

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Website Sales Process


To sell one or more of the following:
(in order of potential revenue)

  1. Building a website from the ground up.
  2. Converting a website to WordPress.
  3. Updating a website so it accomplishes the company’s goals better.
  4. Search Engine Optimization
  5. Website Maintenance (Updates, Security, Backups)
  6. Hosting
  7. WordPress training


  1. Lead Generation
    1. Browse websites and identify sites that need to be converted to WordPress, need SEO, or otherwise are horrible sites in need of work.
    2. Browse directories of companies and find companies that do not have websites yet.
  2. Enter lead into CRM.
  3. Identify if it’s a hot prospect, not so hot prospect, or a weak prospect.
  4. Take my proposal template and create a customized proposal.
  5. Print out and mail proposal.
  6. Follow up with call(s) for a Needs Assessment.
  7. Refine proposal and resend as PDF.
  8. Close the deal.
  9. Follow up to gauge customer satisfaction.
  10. Follow up to sell additional services.



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