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SEO is what makes you money.  Why do you need to know about Search Engine Optimization?  (SEO)  Simple.  You’ll save a small fortune.  Here’s scenario #1.  Your company builds a web site.  It’s gorgeous.  You’re certain it’s going to bring in tons of business.  Then after several months, you wonder why you’re not getting any business.  You’re nowhere to be found on Google.  Someone clues you in that your web site looks nice, but whoever put it together gave no consideration to SEO.  So now you have to redesign the site and start nearly from scratch.  Scenario #2 is that you become educated about SEO so that every aspect of your web site works towards getting you ranked well in the search engines.

SEO superheroLearning SEO will work to your advantage for the long run.  As you develop content for your site, SEO should always be on the forefront of your mind.  The one key thought that should filter your every contribution to your site is, “What is someone going to search for to find my site?”  This is your guiding principle.  If your company is ACME Corporation and you make Widgets, people are going to search for Widgets and not ACME Corporation.  Therefore, don’t talk about ACME Corporation, talk about Widgets.  Pretty simple actually, but you’d be amazed how this is lost on many business owners.

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