Intro to J. Hammock & Associates

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Intro to J. Hammock & Associates

J. Hammock & Associates is an Internet marketing company.  We offer the following services:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Website Development
  • Education

Domain name registration

  • While we may not be the cheapest registrar, we do offer one significant benefit–if you ever lose your login information, I’m just one phone call away.  Retrieving login credentials with other registrars can be a nightmare.

Website Hosting

  • Again, we’re not the cheapest, but we offer many advantages
  • A Virtual Private Server with a limited number of clients.  This means better performance and low risk of being associated with a server that sends out Spam.
  • We monitor the email server’s reputation daily, and we have very strict anti-spam policies.   There’s little risk your email will ever be associated with a server that sends Spam, which is a common problem on cheap, shared hosting accounts.
  • 10% of all revenues go to directly to Thary.  Thary is a young entrepreneur in Cambodia who recently was able to buy a house thanks to the financial support from J. Hammock & Associates.  See
  • The server is highly optimized for WordPress.  I’m a self-proclaimed WordPress guru, and I’ve worked hard to make sure WordPress works flawlessly on our server.

Website Development

Whether you need a heavy duty e-commerce site, or a gorgeous WordPress site, I have the expertise to make sure your goals are accomplished.  I am first and foremost a marketing guy.  You won’t end up with a site that fails to communicate the two most important things a site needs to do–communicate what need you fill exceptionally well, and communicate what you want someone to do next.  It pains me to see the many websites, often beautifully designed, but neglecting to communicate the two marketing basics.  Such is what you get from many designers with no marketing background.

Search Engine Optimization

Google loves me.  I’m really good at getting sites on the first page of Google, usually high up on the first page.


You’ll find a list of Courses and Workshops I offer at   I teach for the Columbia Gorge Community College and Portland Community College as well as my online education services.


Call or email anytime:  509-493-2296 or

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