Zoho gives me error messages for just about everything.

You Are HERE: ://Zoho gives me error messages for just about everything.

Zoho gives me error messages for just about everything.

Zoho Problems when trying to modify displays or customize fields

I’m having all sorts of problems with Zoho.  Here’s what I mean:

zoho error-editing-lead-layout

I’ve tried different computer.  I’ve tried different browsers.  I’ve tried using different ISPs.  Same same.  

Zoho error messages when submitting support ticket

Then I tried contacting support.  I filled out the following ticket:

User ID: 286569

I can’t make any modifications or customize anything. I’ll show you what I mean: https://youtu.be/v5A-4bbwwrU This video is set to unlisted, so no one will see it but you. Do I need to upgrade to be able to make changes? If so, the error messages should tell me so. I’m happy to upgrade if that’s what I need. I really need a CRM that works.

I’ve tried this from two different computers using different browsers using different ISPs. Same result.



After I filled out a ticket I got the following:

zoho problems


Zoho problems with trying to upgrade

So I tried upgrading so I could get phone support.  I got an error message for both credit card and PayPal payments.  

Zoho errors when trying to export data

So I tried exporting my data so I could switch to https://jhammock.bitrix24.com/crm/lead/widget/ and I got an error message.

Zoho, please HELP!

I really need help here.  This is the second time I’ve had these kind of problems.  

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